Measure distances with ARKit on your iOS device.
Augmented reality finally made useful.
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Endless possibilities.

Take Pictures

Save your measurements for later. No matter if you have to furnish your house or keep track of your daughter while she grows.

Simple Measurement

Two taps and you have a simple measurement. Simply choose the start and end points and their distance is immediately calculated.

Area & Volume Measurement

Measure areas and volumes. Precisely change the position of the points with a 3-coordinate picker.

Height Measurement

Why not track your daughter's growth with your phone? No more wall ruler.

Localized Unit & Language

Available in 12 languages and in both metric and imperial units.

Totally Customizable

Choose between a light and dark mode, visualize the distance directly in augmented reality, save your height in the Health app and even decide the colors and size of the points.

How does it work?

ARuler uses Apple's new framework ARKit. It uses augmented reality to understand the environment around you with your device's camera.


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About Us

Patrick Balestra

🇨🇭 iOS developer studying Computer Science at the University of Lugano.

Alessio Buratti

🇮🇹 iOS developer studying Computer Science at the University of Lugano.

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